Thank you everyone for your wonderful auditions. You have shown me that it will be another magical year for the Dramatic Paws and for FMHS Theatre! Below you will find the cast list. Everyone has 3 scenes in the show. I have tried my best to allow time between scenes for costume changes, etc. Opening the new black box should be something really wonderful with this particular show. I'm very excited! We will begin work Tuesday when we return.

Scene 1

Agent Michelle Kariuki

Client Nick Norado

Scene 2 spoon scene

Sally Bailee Goodman

Arthur Jake Emmett

Scene 3

Annie Lindsay Bready

Father Austin Greenawalt

Girl Simone Brazzini

Boy Jake McMichael

Mother Allison Pretzer

Scene 4

Howard Tad Broadbent
Ellie Meghan Krishnan

Scene 5

Carolyn Ashley Woolridge
Grace Melanie Olsen

Scene 6

Aggie Rachel Ditzig

Michael Chandler Sinks

Scene 7

Architect Jake McMichael

Buyer Ryan Coyle

Scene 8

Peggy Lindsay Bready

Brewster Tad Broadbent

Billy - Chandler Sinks

Ted Max Ary

Winkie Meghan Krishnan

Sandra Michelle Kariuki

Child Austin Greenawalt

Child Ashley Woolridge

Scene 9

Grandfather Ryan Coyle

Nick - Nick Norado

Scene 10

Paul Chandler Sinks

Margery Melanie Olsen

Scene 11

Stuart Jake Emmett
Nancy Allison Pretzer

Old Lady Simone Brazzini

Beth Bailee Goodman

Fred Max Ary

Guest Rachel Ditzig

Scene 12

Helen Meghan Krishnan

Sarah Michelle Kariuki

Scene 13

Gordon Jake McMichael
Kate Lindsay Bready

Chris Ryan Coyle

Scene 14

Tony Chandler Sinks

Aunt Harriet Ashley Woolridge

Scene 15

Jim Austin Greenawalt

Meg Rachel Ditzig

Scene 16

David Nick Norado

Emily Melanie Olsen

Standish Jake Emmett

Claire Simone Brazzini

Bertha Bailee Goodman

Scene 17

Dick Tad Broadbent

Harvey Max Ary

Scene 18

Ruth Allison Pretzer
Annie Lindsay Bready

Host Austin Greenawalt